Benjamin Gautrey Foundation Race Academy at Mallory

We had a great day at Mallory Park, despite heavy rain in the afternoon.

The series of three days is provided free of charge for all the Superteens riders by the Benjamin Gautrey Foundation – a truly inspirational organisation remembering Ben by helping other young riders to live their dreams, as Ben did. Do take any opportunities you may get to support Ben’s mum Lorraine in the fabulous work she is doing.

The morning was a series of classroom sessions with British Superstocks racer Steve Brogan and organisers which included a range of stuff including sponsorship, interview techniques, preparation, and fitness and nutrition. It was really interesting, and Gideon and I learned a lot.

In the afternoon we had observed track sessions. The rain was a pain, but watching the boy taking Gerrards flat out in the wet, with his elbow brushing the kerbing was a white-hair inducing experience!

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