Spring 2013 Racing Update

I’ve been a bit too busy to do proper write-ups of the last couple of rounds – new job and general life getting in the way. So here’s a quick update for the record.




Off to East Anglia again. A mixed weekend of weather, and a mixed bag of results. The boy is gaining in confidence, and results belied the fact that the times are getting better. He is being let down by his starts, and giving himself a lot of work to do in the races. Once he gets into the groove his lap times would put him mid-field, but he is not achieving that as he is struggling to catapult the 450 off the line.


Cadwell Park


We decided it was time to get a bit more track time, to help the lad to really start to ride the bike fast, so we entered the F400 and Minitwins and the RRV 450s. So we had eight races and two qualifying sessions over the weekend. We were really grateful for support from Motopodd whose contribution allowed us to keep the show on the road. The schedule was pretty gruelling, but we did start to see great improvement in the starts and got a lot of food for thought on the set-up of the bike. And as usual, some great racing on this fabulous track.


Oulton Park


Only one day of racing, so two races in each class. But what a weekend! It was one of those weekends where we just had to keep scanning the skies, and there were some downpours, but we also got some great close racing! There was one particularly great performance in the mini-twins, where the boy absolutely caned the bike, staying with the leading pack from start to finish, scoring a well-deserved 7th place, and only a few thousandths off fourth! Sadly he threw it at the scenery in the last race, but the last race is the time to do it, and there was only damage to the plastics.


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